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  • Top 10 Free Programming Fonts
    This is a list of fonts for people who love to code.The post Top 10 Free Programming Fonts appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 3 days ago, 28 Jul 14, 1:00pm -
  • 6 Myths Preventing Developers from Using Git
    A discussion of prevalent preconceived notions that some developers lean on as an excuse for not using a version control system such as Git.The post 6 Myths Preventing Developers from Using Git appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 8 days ago, 23 Jul 14, 10:00am -
  • How Fonts Affect the User Experience
    An explanation of why the fonts we use can have an impact on UX and a presentation of one case study showing evidence that font choices influence behavioral website metrics.The post How Fonts Affect the User Experience appeared first on Six Revisions…
    - 10 days ago, 21 Jul 14, 10:00am -
  • Working with JavaScript Dates Using Moment.js
    This tutorial will show you various ways of working with JavaScript/client-side dates (displaying, parsing, validation and manipulation) using the Moment.js open source library.The post Working with JavaScript Dates Using Moment.js appeared first on…
    - 13 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 10:00am -
  • Getting Started with Meteor
    A Meteor tutorial for beginners.The post Getting Started with Meteor appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 15 days ago, 16 Jul 14, 10:00am -
  • RSS Zero
    Yesterday morning, I did the unimaginable. Something I didn't think I was ever capable of doing.The post RSS Zero appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 17 days ago, 14 Jul 14, 10:00am -
  • HTML5 Download Attribute Guide
    The HTML5 download attribute allows us to force media file downloads onto the user's computer or mobile device.The post HTML5 Download Attribute Guide appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 22 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 3:55am -
  • A Generic HTML5 Template
    Boilerplate markup (a blank HTML document template) for HTML5-capable web pages.The post A Generic HTML5 Template appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 27 days ago, 4 Jul 14, 11:30am -
  • Browser Detection with JavaScript
    Detecting what browser someone is using is easy with JavaScript.The post Browser Detection with JavaScript appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 29 days ago, 2 Jul 14, 12:25pm -
  • Responsive Full Background Image Using CSS
    A tutorial on using the CSS background-size property to render a responsive full background image on a web page.The post Responsive Full Background Image Using CSS appeared first on Six Revisions.
    - 31 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 10:00am -


  • freshA 6-Step Plan for Creating Genuinely Useful Product Support Pages
    It’d be nice to think that your product UX is so exceptional that users won’t ever need any help with it. But until every user thinks exactly like you do, your target audience and users will have questions.How will you answer them?This si…
    - 34 mins ago, 31 Jul 14, 5:00pm -
  • freshIntroducing InvoiceNinja: Self-hosted Invoicing
    For a freelancer, nothing is more important than time. Tracking invoices or doing paperwork can quickly become tedious and occupy a large portion of that. In March, I showed you FusionInvoice, a tool to keep track of your clients and invoices. Althou…
    - 2 hours ago, 31 Jul 14, 4:00pm -
  • freshNot an Accountant? How to Make Sense of Your Business Finances
    One of the most difficult things that many people grapple with when they first go self-employed is their business's finances.But as intimidating as dealing with your accounts can seem, it's not actually that difficult. It's true that things can g…
    - 4 hours ago, 31 Jul 14, 2:00pm -
  • freshWordPress i18n and How to Install WordPress in Your Own Language
    WordPress is arguably the world's leading content management system (CMS) in use today (some argue that it's also much more than a CMS), powering over 60 million websites globally.By default, WordPress is presented in U.S. English (en_US), but it…
    - 23 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 7:00pm -
  • fresh2D Animation Tutorial Using Spine for Mobile Apps
    In the classic book by Disney animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, “The Illusion of Life”, the art of character animation is described as crafting, drawings that appear to think and make decisions and act of their own volition. A…
    - 23 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 6:30pm -
  • freshKeep Sass Simple
    In a couple of months, it will be 2 years since I started using Sass. Almost every day. At work. At home. On side projects. To the point where people ask for my help when it comes to Sass, and believe me I am very glad to provide help whenever I can.…
    - 24 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 6:00pm -
  • 4 Features That Make Me Choose NuSphere PhpED
    In the last survey on the best PHP IDE for 2014, my longtime favorite PhpED was missing. I didn’t act on it then, but what better way to spread the love than to devote an article to it.I’ve spent the first part of my programming career withou…
    - 1 day ago, 30 Jul 14, 4:00pm -
  • What’s the Point of Agile Points?
    One of the first questions I always get asked when I'm talking to someone who is new to scrum is this: Why use points to estimate the effort involved in completing a story, instead of estimating in hours or days?Points seem arbitrary, and hard to…
    - 1 day ago, 30 Jul 14, 2:00pm -
  • Golden Master Testing: More Refactoring, More Understanding
    p>After a tedious slog through views and controllers, we finally reached the part of refactoring that becomes an adventure: Grasping at straws. Second guessing everything. Obsessively running the tests. Nurturing the delicate hope that our new-found…
    - 1 day ago, 30 Jul 14, 2:00pm -
  • Responsive, Fluid-Width, Variable-Item Navigation with CSS
    Around six months ago I was asked to develop a single row navigation bar that could contain a variable number of menu items while filling the entire width of the container. The amount of navigational items was dictated elsewhere and likely to change…
    - 2 days ago, 29 Jul 14, 7:30pm -

Web Design Shock

  • UX Design: guiding before selling
    In this article we will make a review about the crucial aspects of UX to have in mind before start working in your product and produce excellent results.
    - 27 Feb 14, 5:07pm -
  • Understanding the Semantic web: Pros and Cons
    The semantic web is usually related to the web 3.0, and it is a mixture of linked information so it can be easily processed by machines to deliver better results to users. It’s main idea is to add semantic metadata to every piece of information. Th…
    - 23 Jan 14, 7:00pm -
  • The benefits of designing attractive newsletters
    There’s no doubt newsletters are one of the most important channels to keep an informed audience and engaged users. Back in the days when there were no social networks, email was the biggest way to deliver information, and nowadays, even though peo…
    - 15 Jan 14, 2:00pm -
  • App design, the benefits of a beautiful mobile app
    Our world is already connected in ways we didn’t even imagine a few years ago, and it’s going to be connected even more with the help the expansion of several technologies like the Internet itself (mainly in parts of the developing world), mobile…
    - 2 Jan 14, 4:00pm -
  • Win 1 of 3 Free PixelKit Membership Accounts!
    It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here. We’ve got the solution for those who’ve been after a quality UI kit for website and app design needs: it’s PixelKit, a powerful library offers amazingly high quality UI kits and many other resou…
    - 23 Dec 13, 2:00pm -
  • Google Glass: Design that Would Change the World
    There’s no doubt that one of the most awaited products of the decade has been Google Glass. There’s also no doubt Google Glass will change the way we see the world. The step Google is about to do is just enough to engage humanity with augmented r…
    - 17 Dec 13, 3:30pm -
  • Design differences between mobile platforms
    Nowadays, there are countless mobile devices for all kinds of users, and that wide range of appliances is making more companies get interested in a piece of the cake. The most popular of the operating systems created for them are iOS, Android and Win…
    - 5 Dec 13, 2:20pm -
  • The ultimate layout: the basis of a fascinating website
    Creating a website may be one of the things we have to do eventually; whether we create a small blog or a massive network of media websites, at some point comes the big question: is the daily effort I put in this really worthwhile? You might be exper…
    - 26 Nov 13, 5:40pm -
  • iOS Design Changes, the Good, the Bad, the Awful
    Some time ago, Apple released its newest OS for mobile, the well known and omnipresent iOS 7. It’s changed from a stylized and pixel perfect designed skeuomorphic user interface to a flat one with nice effects that let us see what the company wants…
    - 18 Nov 13, 5:30pm -
  • Typography Trends 2014
    Good typography makes a website stand out or can outshine it. It plays the role of portraying and bring to life your ideas to make them appealing for the reader; it also manages to organize the content to be browsable, so in that way, typography invo…
    - 29 Oct 13, 7:40pm -

Webdesigner Depot

  • fresh4 ways to create richer web experiences
    The Web has evolved a lot from being a simple document repository, and we now have browsers capable of rich visual interactions on desktop as well as mobile. Because I’d like to talk about where the Web is headed in this article, many of the featur…
    - 9 hours ago, 31 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • 10 rules for designing emails your customers will want to read
    Email continues to be one of the most popular ways that companies interact with their customers. As with everything else in the design world, how you design an email will have a tremendous impact on things like the click rate and the retention of you…
    - 1 day ago, 30 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • The best free WordPress plugins for August 2014
    Ladies, Gents… welcome back! It’s time for another round of WordPress plugins that you might just find useful. As per usual, I’ve installed every plugin listed here and given it a test. We have a variety of plugins, too. Some of them add featur…
    - 2 days ago, 29 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • How to design a successful web app walkthrough
    We’ve all interacted with an app walkthrough at some point or another. Heck, some of us designed them. But when you take a look at the design literature out there, you will notice there is very little that specifically deals with app walkthroughs.…
    - 3 days ago, 28 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • Comics of the week #245
    Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winni…
    - 5 days ago, 26 Jul 14, 9:08am -
  • I hate design…now what?
    So you’ve been working as a designer for the past few years. You’re good at it. You’re successful. Maybe even really successful. You’ve had big-name clients, your name is out there, and you’re being sought out by agencies and clients. In ot…
    - 6 days ago, 25 Jul 14, 5:15pm -
  • Deal of the week: 100 professional fonts designed by Ingimage
    We can never get enough fonts, so we’re always extra excited when our sister-site,, manages to pull together a super fonts deal. This week, MightyDeals are offering 100+ professional grade fonts, for just $19, that’s just $0.19 p…
    - 6 days ago, 25 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • Discover the Web’s best design resources with oozled
    “Curated resources for everything design related.” So? “oozled brings together 586 curated resources in 41 categories.” Gaah! “Subscribe to as many or as few categories as you want and create your own feed based on your interests.” OK. No…
    - 7 days ago, 24 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • How to make whitespace work on the Web
    The term white space is sometimes used interchangeably with negative space, and the concept is the same. Though the term refers to “white” space in particular, the area in question does not have to be white at all. It’s just the empty space aro…
    - 8 days ago, 23 Jul 14, 8:15am -
  • AddThis Pro introduces new pro tools for website owners
    We all know the importance of social media; content may be king, but it’s a king without a castle if no one is visiting your site. What all website owners need is a way to encourage new traffic, and retain old users. Sure, Google can help a bit, b…
    - 9 days ago, 22 Jul 14, 12:15pm -


  • Motorola Solutions Offers Free Version of RhoMobile Suite Development Tools
    There’s a fierce battle for the hearts and minds of mobile application developers, since the cost of a tool can be as significant as the robustness of the applications it can build. Recognizing that reality, Motorola Solutions Inc. this week rele…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Intel Opens Registration for $1 Million RealSense App Challenge
    Intel has opened registration for its RealSense App Challenge.
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • SAP Selects Apigee as API Partner
    Is this the biggest enterprise API deal ever? SAP chose Apigee Edge to power its new SAP API Management product. Apigee is now the preferred API management solution for SAP's 250,000+ customers.  
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Today in APIs: Google Play's Publishing API Gets a Major Update
    Google Play updates its publishing API. Techcrunch's Disrupt Hackathon to be held September 6/7 in San Francisco. Plus: Rhomobile suite for app development upgraded, and Shiphawk launches API for shipping quotes.Google Play Releases API 2.0Google…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Tick Data Announces TickAPI
    Tick Data, a historical intraday time series market data provider, has announced the TickAPI. Tick Data has long maintained a massive collection of historical data sets used by major players in the financial markets. Until the TickAPI, downloading…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Today in APIs: Sita Creates API for Wearable Boarding Passes
    Sita launches foray into latest wearable, the boarding pass. Google folds Maps Coordinate into its Maps Engine Pro. Plus: attackers install DDoS bots on Amazon, and extracting data using Takes Wing With API for Wearable Boarding Pas…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Lack of Developer Support Dooms Samsung Tizen Phone
    Samsung this week delayed the release of what was expected to be the first smartphone to run its Tizen operating system. Slow developer interest in the platform has caused Samsung to reassess Tizen's future in the marketplace, and the outlook isn't…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Runscope Adds Global API Monitoring to Feature Set
    Runscope offers API testing, monitoring and debugging for web services. Their service, Runscope Radar, sends HTTP requests simultaneously using previously designated assertions and variables to determine whether integrated APIs are functional or not.…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • Google Play Store API to Automate App Distribution and Production
    For Android developers, the process of publishing to the Play Store is a straightforward one. However, the process is manual and requires developers to log in to the Play Store portal to manage or update their applications. And if they're using Pla…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -
  • How To Write a Realtime Chat App in 10 Lines of Code
    This article was published as a part of ProgrammableWeb's Sponsored Content Program. The opinions expressed here are those of the underwriter do not necessarily reflect the views of ProgrammableWeb or its editorial staff. For more information regar…
    - 1 Jan 70, 12:00am -


  • Impressive Papercraft by Zim&Zou Studio
    Lucie Thomas teamed up with Thibault Zimmermann to form Zim&Zou, a french studio based in Nancy that explores different fields including paper sculpture, installation, illustration. The duo studied graphic design during 3 years. Rather than composing…
    - 2 days ago, 29 Jul 14, 8:38pm -
  • 20+ Fresh and Free Fonts for July 2014
    Every month we showcased some great collections of free fonts and we are not going to stop there! We would like to present to you a 20 free fonts and typefaces for july 2014. You can use some of these fonts for specific purposes and others can be use…
    - 3 days ago, 28 Jul 14, 10:52am -
  • 25 New and Creative Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
    Even a highly-experienced Adobe Photoshop user has something to learn because there are a lot useful tricks and techniques that can help to polish your skills. Artists from all over the world create lots of useful tutorials every day. They share thei…
    - 6 days ago, 25 Jul 14, 8:18pm -
  • Collection of Impressive 3D Characters
    With the use of some of the 3D tools it’s possible to create really impressive effects. One can make his characters pictures and images look more vivid and lifelike. Today, we have collected some realistic and cartoon 3d characters. Enjoy the showc…
    - 7 days ago, 24 Jul 14, 3:01pm -
  • Web Design Inspirational Cocktail #93
    Nowadays, the development of new site designs is not standing on the same place. Web designers use various tools, their skills and when they get inspired they create a new masterpiece. If you do not have new ideas or just want to look at the work of…
    - 8 days ago, 23 Jul 14, 8:32am -
  • 30+ Free UI Kits for Web Designers
    We continue to searching fresh resources for web designers and regularly informing you about the latest updates. We hope this collection of new and free UI Kits, made in the extremely popular flat design style, would be really beneficial for your pro…
    - 9 days ago, 22 Jul 14, 9:02pm -
  • 38 Fresh and Modern Icon Sets
    Every designer knows that icons can do a lot when it’s needed to make a design look complete. You look into our fresh july collection of best free icon sets from all the web. Most of these icons created in popular flat design style. We hope you enj…
    - 10 days ago, 21 Jul 14, 12:24pm -
  • Web Design Inspirational Cocktail #92
    Nowadays, the development of new site designs is not standing on the same place. Web designers use various tools, their skills and when they get inspired they create a new masterpiece. If you do not have new ideas or just want to look at the work of…
    - 21 days ago, 10 Jul 14, 10:22pm -
  • Showcase of Minimal Movie Posters #8
    Among the great number of movie posters created by artists all over the world we usually find colorful eye-catching posters with exquisite design. But it often happens that the audience wants to see something different. In this case posters with a mi…
    - 23 days ago, 8 Jul 14, 7:35pm -
  • 30 Creative Website Designs 2014
    Nowadays, the development of new site designs is not standing on the same place. Web designers use various tools, their skills and when they get inspired they create a new masterpiece. If you do not have new ideas or just want to look at the work of…
    - 24 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 7:03pm -